Urban poor sector in the society has faced deprivation because of ill managed cities and poor infrastructure. Government has been struggling to deliver equity but it has not proved up to the mark in terms of “Accessibility, `Availability, Affordability and Awareness”. Poverty has its close relationship to these 4 A’s and in this framework people down step in the ladder of development experience exclusion from the development arena.

CFSD has closely worked with these sectors of society to fetch them justice and make them self-reliable in the external market forces. Claiming, securing Human rights has been the Umbrella for CFSD’s intervention in the issues of Urbanization.

CFSD has partnered with other NGO in the formation of “Kachra Vechak Majdoor Jansanghatan” a people’s organization. There are more than 2000 waste pickers registered as members of this organization taking up various issues of the waste pickers like integration of waste pickers in the solid waste management plan of the city (especially door to door collection), right to waste, Id cards from the ULB, availing different governmental schemes, health and education facilities, inclusion in the BPL category. Special focus is also on collective sale of recyclables and alternative livelihood opportunities for the second generation waste pickers. CFSD is also working closely with the “All India Scrap Merchants Association” in helping them to enumerate the scrap dealers in the city and also advocating with the ULB for their separate licenses.